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Home Brew League (WARMACHINE/HORDES) at Hammer Hall Gaming on Thu Feb 7

February 2013
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Thu Feb 7 2013 07:00 pm


This event is designed for venues to use to advertise their own unofficial created events for WARMACHINE/HORDES. Just use the notes field to provide your players with all the details they need to know the details for your Home Brewed WARMACHINE/HORDES Event!

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Coming in February there is no league this good! Strange things are afoot in western Immoren. Unexplained phenomena, too many to be coincidence, split the earth and illuminate the night sky with haunting lights. Gather your forces at the sites of these strange anomalies and unravel a mystery that will change the face of western Immoren forever! Things you can expect and prizes: participation patches, a champion medal and 1 Gargantuan. The league will be $6 a month per player and $10 on the final day of the league.Each player gets a patch for participation. 1st in the league gets: Champion Metal and 1 Gargantuan of your choice. 2nd in the league gets: Champion metal last place in the league gets: $10 gift certificate (can be spent at Hammer Hall or Borderlands)


Game Type: League
No seating restrictions noted (but always check with the venue before the event).
Special Rules: none.
Fee: $5 per month

Multiday Event. 7:00 pm Thursday, Feb 7, 2013 - 12:00 am Thursday, Oct 6, 2022


3325 Plymouth Street Suite 12 West Jacksonville, FL 32205 United States

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Organized by Hammer Hall Gaming

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