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Home Brew League (WARMACHINE/HORDES) at Terracrux Games on Wed Apr 23

April 2014
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Wed Apr 23 2014 05:00 pm


This event is designed for venues to use to advertise their own unofficial created events for WARMACHINE/HORDES. Just use the notes field to provide your players with all the details they need to know the details for your Home Brewed WARMACHINE/HORDES Event!

Event Notes

This is a free Journeyman League Event, please come and have fun! Week 1 - Battlegroup box set only: Mangled Metal / Claw & Fang Prizes Patch prizes are awarded for initial participation, continued participation, and championship awards. There are four rank award patches that all players may earn by participating in the league. There are three championship award patches a player may earn if he qualifies. ChamPionshiP awards (one of eaCh Per league) • Destroyer Award (Skull): Most Game Points • Creator Award (Flag): Most Hobby Points • Journeyman Award (Crown): Most Journeyman Points Rank awards (obtainable by all Players) • Rank 1: League Entry • Rank 2: 10 Journeyman Points • Rank 3: 20 Journeyman Points • Rank 4: 30 Journeyman Points Rank layout The awarded rank patches are modular. All players begin with the Rank 1 centerpiece patch and may earn additional chevrons up to Rank 4. Each rank patch is placed below the previous patch in order. Any Championship patches a player wins are placed at the top of their earned ranks, as follows. • Championship Award(s) • Centerpiece (Rank 1) • Chevron (Rank 2) • Chevron (Rank 3) • Chevron (Rank 4) You can read more on the rules here: http://privateerpress.com/files/Journeyman League Rules.pdf


Game Type: League
No seating restrictions noted (but always check with the venue before the event).
Special Rules: none.
Fee: None!

Multiday Event. 5:00 pm Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014 - 12:00 am Thursday, Oct 6, 2022


760 Commerce Street Tacoma, WA 98401 Afghanistan

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(253) 203-1647





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Organized by Terracrux Games

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