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Halfaug League (WARMACHINE/HORDES) at Cool Stuff Games South Florida on Sat Jun 28

June 2014
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Sat Jun 28 2014 01:00 pm


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Vital rivers of natural power known as ley lines flow beneath the face of Caen. Many of western Immoren’s warring factions—from the ancient and enigmatic Circle Orboros to the cold and calculating Convergence of Cyriss—draw upon the energy of the ley lines to strengthen their armies. As war ravages the land, these ley lines have been harnessed by the armies of western Immoren or polluted by their conflicts with greater frequency than ever before. The damage done to these rivers of supernatural power should be healing . . . but in some places it is not. The recent rise in draconic activity has resulted in new outbreaks of blight across western Immoren. For reasons known only to them, the dragons have begun to leave lasting scars across the face of Caen, obliterating anything that stands in their way. You have stumbled upon the second area corrupted in this fashion: an ancient Orgoth ruin encased in ice and snow, exuding a bone-chilling cold. It was the pollution of Halfaug’s blight that brought about the aberrant and profound winter clinging to this site, the corrupted ley line network unleashing bursts of arctic cold that have affected the entire region. Gather your troops and march into battle, befriending those who share your ideals and defeating any who would oppose you. Will you be an altruistic Purist, seeking to restore balance and harmony to this land, or will you be a selfish Opportunist, seeking only to secure your own profits at the expense of others? The choice is yours.


Game Type: League
Open Seats: 11 out of 12.
Special Rules: none.
Fee: 0

Multiday Event. 1:00 pm Saturday, Jun 28, 2014 - 12:00 am Thursday, Oct 6, 2022


5655 S. University Dr Davie, FL 33328 United States

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Organized by Cool Stuff Games South Florida

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